Monday, 25 November 2013

Offended Heart Series - The moment of truth (end)

“Therefore, if you are offering your gift at the altar and there remember that your brother or sister has something against you; leave your gift there in front of the altar. First go and be reconciled to them; then come and offer your gift.” Matthew 5:23-24

The moment of truth, you decided to clean your heart and not nourish destructive feelings anymore that have only distanced you of the presence of God and made you a weak person.
Now the battle starts, you have decided and have started to pray for the person, but the devil doesn’t want you to forgive her, so every time you pray for her, or want to get near her, what she did or said comes to mind.
The battle in your mind starts, “I’ve decided to forgive”, “but look at what she did to me, how could she, it hurt a lot”.
Friends, let us leave feelings and emotions aside, you have to do what is right, look how serious this topic is, that God says, don’t place your offerings on the altar until you reconcile with your brother.

It doesn’t matter if the person deserves it or not, do it for yourself, do you deserve it? Then think of your salvation, think of the unnecessary load you are carrying that only brings you problems and sadness.
What about vengeance? The pain I feel? And all that I suffered?
Give this to God, you are going to suffer much more stuck to hate, you are going to become an unpleasant person, bitter, harsh, sour, if you continue feeding this plague of hate and sorrow.
Where is your gentleness? Your joy? Your smile?
It disappeared, that person that hurt you took even what was the most precious you had, your sweetness. I wonder, is it worth it?

When you met Jesus you forgave many people that had offended you in the world and now that you have been years in church you don’t want to forgive your companion assistant, pastors wife, spiritual leader or whomever it is.
Just as we already mentioned in the beginning of the series, offense hurts more when it comes from someone of the same faith, since we don’t expect such a thing, but the result is the same, sorrow and sorrow and it’s going to destroy the same way. 
Perhaps you only need a prayer to remove this sorrow, or perhaps you need to come close to the person and speak to her, do what needs to be done, it’s now or never.

If you are willing to do this leave your comment and tell us how it went.
I want to know if these series helped you.


Anonymous said...

This is clear to every one, thanks Mrs Tania for opening our eyes.

Estella Arroyo said...

This help me a lot Mrs. Rubim its not easy to forgive but I know I need to cause of myself and for God, I keep remembering about what Jesus said well something like this.. If I don't forgive to those who sin against me, surely God wont forgive my sins.. I always kept in mind that my battle its not against my family, friends, blood etc. but the spirits behind it... for the people that hurt us don't know what their doing... soo thanks for this series! :)
in faith :D

Anonymous said...

thank you mrs Tania
I have leaned that forgiveness is the most important .because God can't help or hear our prayers if we did not forgive .it dose not matter what can happen or what happened forgiveness must come first in us as children of God

from Sinenhlanhla khumalo

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