Sunday, 21 July 2013

Beauty Stain Series - Selfishness

"Let's eat at the Italian restaurant and that’s it, if it is not in that one I will not go anywhere else."
This is just an example of the behavior of a selfish person, whose characteristics demonstrate that they are self-centered people, who only think of themselves, without caring about others.
Usually they are not pleasant people, because they always want everything according to their will regardless of whether others like it or want such a thing, the important thing is to satisfy their own will, they never sacrifice to satisfy someone.

But have you ever thought that we can also be selfish with regard to our own lives?
How many people do not accept telling their testimony of transformation, talk about what God has done, what God spoke to them, this is also selfish.
In short, we see that selfishness is always when we don’t think of others, exclusively on ourselves.
Whenever we fail to accomplish what God wants due to shyness or shame, we are being selfish failing to benefit anyone.
We can be selfish with family, friends, in the street, at work and even with God. Do not want your will to always prevail; we must be sensitive also to the needs and desires of those around us.

Task: Take unselfish action, do something for someone, even if you do not like it as much, but do it to satisfy or benefit another person.


ms guni,england said...

I used to be selfish, in my relationship it was my way or the high way. When I came to God it was the same, I wanted God to do what I wanted, it did not work, I had to be broken ,pride and all. I did not want to evangelise, or do anything in the church. All this changed after receiving the holy spirit.

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