Monday, 3 June 2013

Kindness - Part 4

Finally, I would like to leave an example from the bible of who was kind, which can be understood also as gentle or benign.
I know we have many examples, but I would like to cite the Good Samaritan. Why?
Because he practiced kindness with whom he did not know.
Sometimes it's easy to be kind to those who you know, or from whom you would expect something in return, but in this case he did not know or expect anything yet he was kind.
I believe you already know the story, after a traveler was robbed, this good man offered his help. A priest and a levite who had passed before did not extend a hand, which is to say that being religious is of no use if you do not possess and practice the qualities that please God. 

He helped, knowing that the injured was a jew, in other words, a man who hated his race, someone from another belief, because jews and samaritans did not get along. A man that perhaps would not help him if their positions were reversed, but he did not look at that, he simply used kindness, gentleness, which are fruits of the Holy Spirit.
He did not look at who it was, at that moment he saw a human being in need of help and did everything in his power to help him. It's admirable, right?
Let’s do the same, this week practice kindness with someone you do not know and leave your story here.
I hope I helped with this topic, God bless.
This scripture is in Luke 10:30-37


Buhle said...

Therefore let us pursue the things which make for peace and the things by which one may edify another. Romans 14 vs. 19

Our objective should be to please God. I have read all your articles and fully agree with all of them; we shouldn’t only be kind to those whom we know or expect something from, but even to those who would not be likely to be kind. I’ve also realised that the characteristics of the Fruit of the Holy Spirit work hand in hand, if we love God first, we’ll be kind regardless of we get in return.

Thank you for sharing.

saheeda said...

its true being kind shows that we are of God.We can't be rude and claim that we are of him becuse that is not his charcter .its one of those simple qualities we should posses to be a perfume of the Lord Jesus.This week i've been less selfish by speaking to others,praying for them and advising them.also with my friends i've been more geneorus by gving them gifts.and showing gestures such as please and thank you and genuinely complementing people

Anonymous said...

It's true Mrs Tania. It's so easy to show kindness to those whom we know and are close to but in doing that, there's no real act of sacrifice or of going against our will to please God & develop His character. I'm up for the challenge.
Mady dos Santos

Anonymous said...

I will be kind.

Paule said...

we have to forget what we know about people, no matter who they are and what they do. And just be kind.
I'll do my best about that!

LekgoleN Mwale said...

You have helped me a lot, now I know its not enough to say you have the Holy Spirit, you have to practice by showing love, being kind every single day of ones life, God bless ...Lekgole

golda said...

I believe when you show kindness you empower not only yourself but the one you're being kind to.No act of kindness will ever go unnoticed and rarely forgotten.This is when you give and expect nothing in return and that's so powerful.This week I want to practice kindness especially to those whom i don't know or don't know me at all,because greater is the one who gives in secret (being kind to one who doesn't know you and there's nothing to gain from them)

ndapewa namboga said...

This is true , indeed those who are of God will always show kindness regardless of whether they know the person or will get anything in return they do all that because they are guided by the spirit that lives in them. Thanks Mrs this helped me.

Raïssa said...

Hi Mrs Tania,
Your little posts helped me. I will be nice and not just this week but every other week. I thank God for having inspired you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mrs Tania
This post its a clear reminder of how we who call ourselves children of God should be towards whom we know and to those whom we do not know.
We should always show kindness not for us to be noticed by man but we should do it for God

Thank you again Mrs Tania

From : pamela dinile (cpt)

Brenda said...

Thank you for this post, Showing kindness to those you don't know we show God in our lives and by not thinking about ourselves and helping others we can make a change in someone life.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Kindness will be an aspect that I will exercise as you wrote sometimes we do it to people we know, but to do it for someone who we do not know is really accenting kindness.

Maryrose Sehlu Siziba said...

WE should always practice doing good in other people's life without expecting anything in return.

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