Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The Best of you

The other day a youth from the church gave me a small shell she had found in the beach. She had gathered many shells, but the one she gave me, she had chosen specially for me, because she found it the prettiest.
The shell was tiny and a rare pink, I had personally never seen a shell this color, it’s a unique piece. But the most important wasn’t the shell in itself, but the detail and love I saw in her action as she gave it to me, she gave it to me with such care that it made me feel special. It’s something that doesn’t have monetary value, but it was a pure and sincere gesture, which made me happier than, if I had received something expensive without love.
Sometimes people think that by doing extraordinary thing they will call Gods’ attention, but they are not sincere in their intentions and actions, instead they’re full of malice, resentment, and deceit.
They do things to show off to others, but inside of them there is no purity, and devotion towards what they are doing.
God doesn’t want extraordinary things; He just wants us to do things with a pure and sincere heart.
Only then will He be able to pour over you His Spirit, because he knows when you give Him the best of you, which is your entire life, in fact there isn’t anything more extraordinary that you could give Him.


Marilyn Brixton said...

This is very true Mrs Tania, many times we confuse gaining God's attention by doing great purposes that even sometimes leave us physically exhausted. But all the while there is so much in our hearts that we hold onto which blocks Him from entering. Its the little foxes that truly block. The big ones are obvious, its the little ones that are more harder to notice.

Hubertha said...

Without realising, we sometimes try so hard to do things that we think that will catch God's attention, is like high school, to get everyone's attention you do the most absurd thing or the loudest thing so that they pay attention to you. However, we forget that we don't have to try so hard to get God's attention, he looks to our heart and see's if we are being sincere or not. Sincerity is the most extraordinary gift we can give God.

Chantel said...

Hi Mrs Tania
God really doesn't look at the extraordinary things but he looks at the small things,the small things sometimes we tend not to pay attention to.
Chantel Matthan

Jennifer said...

Thank you Mrs Tania for that. Sincerity speaks louder than 'extraordinary actions'. When something is received out of love, no matter how big or small, it is worth alot. It is greatly appreciated. And the truth is, we Can see when people are doing things in falsity. When a person does this, its because they are insecure, so therefore try to gain the popularity of man. The best that we could give God is our entire life; that's all He wants.

Briony Bangura said...

God is very simple and open, and this is how He wants me to be. Personally, when a person is sincere I value them so much and even see them as special regardless of how they look physically or even what I have heard about them. So if I value them, God must really cherish these people. I want to be more sincere with God, so He can be pleased with all my offerings.

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