Sunday, 9 January 2011

Things you shouldn’t say to your spouse:

  1. I told you so
  2. I’ll say what I want to say
  3. Your just like your mother/ father
  4. If you don’t like it, then eat less
  5. Your always in a bad mood
  6. Do you think you can do something right for once?
  7. You never think
  8. That was stupid
  9. Everything is your fault
  10. All you do is think about yourself
  11. What I wrong with you?
  12. You just nag
  13. You’re a cry baby
  14. Nothing I do ever makes you happy
  15. You get what you deserve
  16. Why don’t you ever listen?
  17. What’s your problem?
  18. Could you be more responsible?
  19. I’m never going to understand you
  20. What were you thinking when you did that?
  21. Do you always have to be so serious?
  22. You are a lost case
  23. I don’t know why I put up with you
  24. If you really loved me, then you’d do this…
  25. You deserve a dose of your own medicine
P.S This year I’m only going to publish my own pictures with the articles, pictures that I took or that my husband has taken.


Raisa Veras said...

This is true! Nice post!

Anonymous said...

We should be considerate of our spouse and think before we speak, so ture.

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