Monday, 29 March 2010

Again? Noooooo

The church was in the works, there was dust everywhere, it looked like a white coat, you could feel it in the air.
When something hadn’t been done right and they wanted to fix it, that thought would come to mind: “Again? No.”
Everything was already clean, they’re going to dirty everything we’ve just cleaned, just leave it that way, you can barely see that, who is gong to notice that small detail in such a hidden place, oh nobody sees it.
To fix something, no matter how small it was meant that several places would get dirty again and it would cause lots of dust, we felt as if everything we had done would fall to the ground and that it was all a waste of time.
I stopped to think and began to compare the entire situation with ones spiritual life, specifically in relation to sin.
How many times does a person have a hidden sin, something that no one sees, it seems insignificant and it often goes unnoticed. It almost seems as if it’s part of the persons life, he or she gets used to living with it.
The person does not want to take the trouble of “fixing” this situation.
He or She thinks; “Get baptized again? Oh no, what are they going to think of me?”
Forgetting that what he or she thinks was a baptism did not pass from a simple dip in the church’s baptistery, because everything stayed the same. The same character, the same thoughts, the same actions, in a nutshell he or she is the same person as always.
Why confess the hidden sin, at the end of the day no one sees it, maybe one day this feeling will go away or I’ll stop feeling harassed by my own conscience.
It’s better to create dust once again and work on something so that it can be perfect, and so you can take a good look at it up close.
It’s better to have the trouble to fix something then to allow time to pass and have the defect grow and become ugly.
And what once was so small and insignificant to become something big that everyone can see.
Think about this, to take the time and repent is not a waste of time but rather a reward to eternal life.


Lluvial Godfrey said...

I completely agree with this. It is far better to take more time and 'make mess' in an effort to fix up a small little detail that will eventually do damage than to let it go unnoticed. At least the problem will be sorted out and will not creep up later.

Lerato Maidi said...

Great message! The 'smallest sin' is often the one that comes back to bite its owner. There is no such thing as a hidden sin because all that happens in darkness eventually is revealed in the light.

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